... something happened weird when I was typing that last reply. Let me
try again.

Sometimes it happens. It ain't pretty.

Let me give you two examples. The first example, I have a set of
machines in one city and another in a different city. The 'main' only
goes down once a quarter. Only save is at that time. In the meanwhile
everything is replicated to another city. Multiple lpars, each with their
own adapter card. We went for over a year without being able to get a
full save done the first try due to hardware issues. Practically had a
different CE in every time we did our downtime and had to wait for someone
to drive a new drive over from a few hours away. We ended up replacing
every drive in the library, every cable going to the drive, and every
adapter card. IOW we went from SCSI LTO3 to fiber LTO4. This worked. No
problems since. And, yes, we kept PTFs current, library firmware current
and drive firmware current.

On another example, among the numerous tickets I have currently open is a
sev 1 server down issue. Since April 24.

Rob Berendt

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