Check out to see if the folder is a symbolic folder or not. A symbolic
link doesn't really hold anything it just points to another folder. Follow
this lab:
MD DIR('/rob/rusling')
EDTF STMF('/rob/rusling/readme.txt')
CMD ....+....1....+....2....+....3....+.
************Beginning of data******
this is a sample.
************End of Data************
ADDLNK OBJ('/rob/rusling') NEWLNK('/rob/redirect')
WRKLNK OBJ('/rob/redirect')
Object link Type
redirect SYMLNK->DIR
DSPF STMF('/rob/redirect/readme.txt')

A common reason for symbolic links is that some package may be written to
expect a directory to be laid out a specific way. Ports from Unix and
Linux come to mind. Symbolic links are one way to wedge their solution on
to IBM i.

Here's an example, suppose you have a package that insists case matters on
their file names. And they should be able to have
and they should all be different files with different contents.
Quite Easily Done.
md '/QOpenSys/thisvendorisadoucebag'
ADDLNK OBJ('/QOpenSys/thisvendorisadoucebag') NEWLNK('/tmp/mysubdir')
wrklnk '/tmp/mysubdir/*'
Object link Type
readme.txt STMF
ReadMe.txt STMF

Rob Berendt

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