Wonderful that the government gets involved. So the construction company
had political friends? The politicians were probably on the take.

I think software companies have lost their mind when it comes to upgrade and
maintenance fees, but using possibly paid political clout? Stinks.

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When the company named after a Ford SUV tried to jack up the maintenance
fees on one of the iSeries space packages they had acquired, one of their
customers gave them a choice - sell us all the source code, including the
license key program, or we'll get the government of Canada to make things so
uncomfortable for you that you'll have to sell us your whole company.

And yes, that construction company has that kind of clout. They have been
happily self-supporting for several years.

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No way.

Try getting support from Intuit for anything more than a couple of years old
on a PC. I'm running QB 2010 and have had no support for two years.

Try getting Intuit to support anything on an updated Mac OS - you need to
buy a new OS specific version or tolerate the idiosyncrasies (or just plain
not working).

Similar situation on Adobe and many others.

The move to V6 was somewhat unusual as it required a conversion of the
program objects to run on the new OS. Vendor code that had had observability
stripped and was not recompiled since V5R1 (?) could not be converted. Also
some included capability that (mostly for security reasons) is only
available for IBM usage at V6.

In my opinion the big problem has been with a few vendors who refused to
compromise and come up with a reasonable price for what was basically a key
locking mechanism in many cases. One client had to perform a forced upgrade
(which cost them hundreds of hours) and pay over $125,000 for an "upgrade"
they neither wanted or needed. Faced with a similar situation many others
have just been frozen in place on V5R4. On client was lucky enough to get
IBM to "lean" heavily on the ISV and get them to drop the price by a factor
of 10 which made it worthwhile for the client to pay and make the switch -
still a lot of money for what was effectively a single program.

On 2014-04-29, at 4:59 PM, Gqcy <gmufasa01@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My people who work in Microsoft/Intel environment say....
that this issue is, first, only limited to the IBM midrange, and two,
signals the final nail in the midrange environment.

is this practice limited to IBM midrange???

Jon Paris


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