That is exactly why programmers created Logical Files with just the fields they needed for their program. You could change the physical but the logical would remain unchanged. In my opinion that was a bad idea. I think I still have a few of those LF Views floating around our systems.

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I'm signed up for the webinar and you've peaked my interest.

You know one thing that would be cool?

If RPG database RLA was more like SQL in that data from a file was
retrieved based on field *name* at run time and not on field *position* at
compile time.

The only fields retrieved at run time would obviously be the ones that
existed at compile time, but it would really make it easier to make
database changes.

Yea, everything could be rewritten to SQL access but that's not really in
the cards for thousands of existing programs with millions of lines of code.

Just dreaming out loud on a Friday . . .

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