I hear you but I know that the RHEL is setting the user library list to libraryA using the libraries parameter. When looking at the job log for the QZADOSINIT job, I see the connection and nothing about changing the library list. When looking at the library list, I see it has just the one libraryA in the user library list. But I have not looked at the WAS connection. That is my next thing to do.

Chris Bipes
Director of Information Services
CrossCheck, Inc.

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If the i is closing the connection, you shouldn't see this problem.

What do you see in the joblog of the connections being used by WAS?
User WILTC from client connected to server. Anything about
the library list changing?

Try the following test...
Start iNav Run SQL Scripts...
do WRKJOB on whatever QZDASOINIT job iNav reports as being connected to...
look at the library list of the QZDASOINIT job
in run SQL scripts, do CL: addlible somelib
now look again at the library list of the QZDASOINIT job
close run SQL scripts
look at the library list of the QZDASOINIT job again, should be back to the

I don't think your REHL app is the problem. The problem is in you WAS app.
I think it's opening a connection and setting the library list and you're
not expecting it to be.

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