Is this an "HMC" type of "console" you are talking about?

Open an Incident (PMR) with IBM Support, to see if they are aware of the issue or perhaps they can offer a solution or a "work-around"?

Mark S. Waterbury

> On 3/23/2014 2:07 PM, PaulMmn wrote:
STRPDM (SEU) from the console was a problem we had as well.
Annoying, but there was no cure-- the console -insisted- on being 80
characters wide!

I don't know if there's an option we could have taken when we defined
the console or not.

--Paul E Musselman

At 9:39 AM -0700 3/23/14, CRPence wrote:
On 22-Mar-2014 23:51 -0700, Gary Kuznitz wrote:
I just found out this only happens from the console.

Whooo. What a scare. I tried editing members from a regular telnet
Client Access Express for Windows and it works fine.

I don't understand why I would see this problem from the console
Do the emulated sessions support 27x132 and the console does not, or
vice versa? Is the user profile SEU options set to activate 27x132 if
supported by the device?
Regards, Chuck

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