On 23-Mar-2014 10:17 -0700, Gary Kuznitz wrote:
On 23 Mar 2014 at 9:39, CRPence wrote:
On 22-Mar-2014 23:51 -0700, Gary Kuznitz wrote:
I just found out this only happens from the console.

Whooo. What a scare. I tried editing members from a regular
telnet Client Access Express for Windows and it works fine.

I don't understand why I would see this problem from the console

Do the emulated sessions support 27x132 and the console does not,
or vice versa? Is the user profile SEU options set to activate
27x132 if supported by the device?

For some reason this one was at 24x80.

The device is either capable of supporting 27x132, or not. The user profile has a default setting for SEU, whether to attempt\query that capability; negotiating 24x80, if the 27x132 support is not available. Thus "this one" leaves one wanting, for clarification of the pronoun. Only the User Profile makes sense in that context, but later comments and a [perhaps incorrect] presumption that the same user would have been used at both the console and at the emulated session, have me wondering.

It has worked in the past.

Where "It" is apparently, editing using SEU, from the\that console device.

I don't usually use the console for editing. I changed it to 27x132.

Again, with a pronoun, there is no clear indication of what was changed. If the device description was changed, per there being no attribute that effects changing the device "to 27x132", then what about the device changing would have helped.? The device type\model would have to be changed, to enable support for 27x132, and as I recall, that requires DLTDEVD and CRTDEVDSP [or the same effect, via auto-cfg]. Or perhaps, was the SEU F13=Change Session Defaults used to modify the user profile [Interactive Profile Entry (IPE)] setting, to choose a "Screen Size" attribute of 1=27x132; changed from the value of 2=24x80?

I found the CTL in a failed state. I vry'ed it off, on and it's
working now.

The primary twinax controller [e.g. CTL01 or QCTL] over which the console commnicates, was in the failed state? Since when? Perhaps after re-creating the Display device to support 27x132 [CRTDEVDSP DEVCLS(*LCL)]? The VRYCFG to vary-off and then vary-on should have caused the console [e.g. DSP01 or QCONSOLE] to be functional generally, but the editing issue was corrected by a change either to the device or the profile, rather than solely that controller vary activity.? With a failed controller, the workstation display device would not be expected to be at all functional; i.e. no ability to signon to even start SEU.

That was a great guess. I never would have guessed that.

Intuition, supported by lots of experience with the OS; both using and coding, and much more of ferreting out defects.

Thank you very much.

No problem. Perhaps you could share some additional details, with regard to my above comments\questions. Of interest because if the device type\model is properly set in the *DEVD to match the actual physical device type\model, then irrespective the "screen size" choice in SEU, the noted error msg EDT0225 should not transpire [if not due to non-displayable characters in the source physical file member data]. I am curious if the issue is just circumvented, or actually resolved; e.g. if changing "it" back to 24x80, the problem returns?

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