On 05-Mar-2014 10:13 -0800, James H. H. Lampert wrote:

If I do this,
to get my list of the extant history log PFs on the system, are the
records in HISTLIST then guaranteed to reflect a chronological
sequence of QHSTxxxxxx files?

The order of the records, collated by the names of the files listed, is not necessarily a chronological ordering.

Or do I need to use a keyed receiver file in order to force
chronological sequence?

The records of the HISTLIST output file would need to be sorted according to the "text" attribute; i.e. the data stored in ODOBTX. I do not recall if that data is conducive to a non-derived key. Or the order of the union of the row data may be desirable instead for collation. But the actual rows of data within the files represents yet another issue for determining truly chronological; they are dependent the system date\time, but are always arrival order. Depending on how the files got to the system, the records from one file with a particular start time could [appear to] bleed into a file of a later start time.

FWiW: An API was delivered in a recent release to process history log data:
_Open List of History Log Messages (QMHOLHST) API_

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