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Cyndi Bradberry on 03/25/2014 11:32 AM wrote:

We have a file with a logical with no library associated with it on
the DSPDBR command. <<SNIP>>


That would have no effect on the issue. And likely the noted condition would not have been noticed by the DBXREF, so the System Database Cross-Reference would not know to diagnose an error [for that condition].

Seem to recall someone having this issue years ago and this fixed it
when he/she ran same with *FIX.

Either of the RCLSTG SELECT(*DBXREF) or RCLDBXREF *FIX have the potential to correct interrupted work that might be manifest as a file with no library appearing in the Display Database Relations output. However that is more a side effect than an explicit recovery; i.e. both requests [I think they are the same in this respect] will perform database recovery. The RCLSTG SELECT(*ALL) would be an explicit request to recover the condition, and would suffice whether or not the logical file without a library name had been pending recovery; i.e. the correction would be a direct effect vs a side effect.

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