On 25-Mar-2014 11:36 -0700, Cyndi Bradberry wrote:
After group think, we came to the remembrance that when we first
started MIMIX, we had a few other objects like this and only the
RCLSTG would fix.

I see a RCLSTG in our future (this weekend, I think). <<SNIP>>

A persistent and\or pervasive condition whereby logical file(s) are found not to be associated with a library is a problem that should be investigated. Performing recovery instead of or before investigation, e.g. by RCLSTG SELECT(*ALL), will cause some diagnostic information to be lost. Aside from the temporal appearance for the normal condition from performing file deletion activity under isolation, the logical file appearing without a library name in the output of Display Database Relations [for a member or the file] is an abnormal condition most likely indicating an error in creating or deleting the logical file. Cleaning up after the ill-effects of a prior problem does nothing to resolve the original problem, and thus the problem will likely continue until either a preventive PTF is applied or investigation of the origin determines that a preventive PTF is required [that may or may not yet exist].

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