On 3/5/2014 2:11 PM, Monnier, Gary wrote:
Unless you have more than 36 QHST files in a 24 hour period. But, maybe IBM doesn't expect that to occur.

Take for example the text description for a QHST file 11402032131511140207093416.

The first 13 characters (1140203213151) defines the date and time the file was created. The format is CYYMMDDHHMMSS.

The last 13 characters (1140207093416) defines the date and time it became full. The format is CYYMMDDHHMMSS. It is also the first 13 characters of the next QHST file.

Object Text
QHST14034A 11402032131511140207093416
QHST14038A 11402070934161140209144228

When the system adjusts the clocks in the autumn, there are 25 hours in
the day, two of them inconveniently named '2:00'.

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