On 28-Mar-2014 13:27 -0700, Stone, Joel wrote:
select left(docid,25),left(title,30) title
from rjsimage/docs00
where title like 'Amendment F%'

should cram the docid and title field together (with a space

Unfortunately when displayed, it still treats the first field as
length 100 so the screen is mostly blank as shown.

Any ideas how to cram fields together with a single space or two

Display Data
Data width . . . : 302
Position to line . . . Shift to column . .
AS400DOC-000000000851335 Amendment Form
AS400DOC-000000000980174 Amendment Form
AS400DOC-000000003746431 Amendment Form
AS400DOC-000000001071351 Amendment Form

The report writer for STRSQL, the Query/400 report writer, does not have any option for showing only one character as a separator between fields. To get that result, combine the results into one result-field\expression. One of the following might be desirable; given an apparent attempt to use the query results as a formatted result, rather than using the query to select the full and proper data from those two fields:

select char( rtrim(left(docid,25)) concat ' ' concat
rtrim(left(title,30)) , 56) as "Doc ID + Title"

select char( substr(docid, 1, 25)) concat ' ' concat
rtrim(left(title,30)) , 56) as "Doc ID + Title"

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