This is very simple and easy to do stuff. In most cases with concurrent maintenance, you can do this without any downtime. Of course, the users might feel a little extra I/O on the system, but that is it. I know Larry and I (as well as a few others on the list) do this stuff in our sleep. Of course, the real difficulty comes when you are replacing a load source, then there are some IPLs required. It's not that difficult, but as you say if you know what you are doing. But I would also reply back that the same can be said for a SAVE/Restore. If you don't know what you are doing on that, you are risking everything as well.

JMHO, Pete

Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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I say this with all sincerity that I know that you and a few select others do this kind of stuff on a somewhat regular basis.
I know that it CAN be done. I just am not convinced that it IS the way to do it.

In my case I can bring down my production machine once a quarter, over a weekend that's planned out about a year ahead. In that case I could bang out an unload/reload.
But when I tried the gradual, rip out x drives and replace with y bigger drives I had to have midweek IPLs. Just not something the users expect after coughing out big checks for Mimix, 2nd machines, etc.

Even your steps mentioned additional IPL's to DST to complete some of these processes.

Let's imagine upgrading the drives in a 5886. Let's say your running at
90+% on 70's and you want to replace them all with 140's or 280's. 90+%
is pretty darn tight to STRASPBAL to shift the load off a drive or two to replace them 1 or 2 at a time to 140's. You end up doing quite a bit of IPLing, etc to get through this.
Now try this on an older unit like a 595 instead of a 5886 and your raid striping may end up a bit wonky. SAS is a bit less restrictive on Raid rules than SCSI.

Rob Berendt
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disk drive
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There are professionals on this list who do these things to put food on
the table and fuel in the furnace, just sayin..... Knowing how it works
and what to look out for along the way makes the process much smoother.
It also means we'll know if it will work BEFORE we start.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

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Amen brother!

Rob Berendt

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