We have a 520 with the 5709 raid controller and a 595 expansion unit
with 12 70gb drives with 2780 raid controller

We currently have 20 disk units we are trying to get all on them to be


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"It Depends."

Are you willing to expose your data during the migration? If not then
save to tape (TWICE) followed by a restore to disk is most likely the
safe option.

However, You have indicated that you have other units so that leaves
hope to move without losing protection. (Backups are still near
mandatory of course!)

You didn't say but because you have 35GB units and 8 of them and i 6.1
you must have a Power5 server model 520 or 525. So that means a FC #5709
or #5727 Raid enabler. RAID sets on that card are compatible with
several other available cards so need to know if you have four slots
open on another card and what the RAID card is there. The drives would
be there temporarily during the copy enabling RAID protection during the
entire process.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 2/27/2014 5:08 PM, GBeasley@xxxxxxxx wrote:

I need to migrate the 35gb disk units to 70gb disk including the load

All 8 units in the load source is under 1 parity set. I can move data
from 4 disk units to other units in the system

I would then have 4 disk units free in the CEC.

My goal is to get all 8 units in the CEC on 1 parity set migrated from
35gb units to 70gb units. I will have enough

Space to have all of these units empty during the process.

How do I get the load source migrated.

Where can I find the procedure on how to get this accomplished.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Gerald Beasley

B&C Management Systems, Inc.


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