Well then it's gonna get messy.

Best bet then is to drain all the drives in the CEC with STRASPBAL as low as you can get them.

Then SAVE 21 at least once.

Then in Service Tools remove all those drives from the ASP except the load source, you cannot remove that one. The time this takes will depend on how empty they got, normally a minute or so per drive.

Then END RAID on the first Raid Set. That will expose the Load Source Disk unit.

Then power down and pull the 7 now unused drives.

Install one of the 70GB Drives to the slot left of the remaining drive.

IPL to DST and use the option to copy disk unit data copying the 35G to the 70G unit. (45 minutes or so as it will format the 70G Drive)

Power Off with Start a Service Tool option 7 and 7 operator panel functions.

Pull the 35G Drive.
Move the 70G Drive there.

Install 7 more 70G Drives.

Start RAID (90 minutes)

IPL to IBM i.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 2/27/2014 5:59 PM, GBeasley@xxxxxxxx wrote:

We have a 520 with the 5709 raid controller and a 595 expansion unit
with 12 70gb drives with 2780 raid controller

We currently have 20 disk units we are trying to get all on them to be

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