A restriction removed so long ago, I can not recall when. But...

Being persistent, I found the below quoted snippet of text in the v5r1 Backup and Recovery Guide (B&R Gd) which suggests the answer is since v3r1, and that quoted text follows the link to that document included immediately below:
_How Should Objects Be Assigned to Journals_?
You can use one journal to manage all the objects you are journaling. Or, you can set up several journals if groups of objects have different backup and recovery
;;; Chapter 19. Planning and Setting Up Journaling Page: 391
requirements. Every journal has a single attached receiver. All journal entries for all objects being managed by the journal are written to the same journal receiver.

When deciding how many journals you should use and how to assign objects to journals, consider the following:
• If you have Version 2 Release 3 Modification 0 or earlier of the OS/400 licensed program, all files opened under the same commitment definition within a job must be journaled to the same journal. If you have Version 3 Release 1 or later, this restriction no longer applies in most situations. In commitment control, each journal is considered a local location. Table 75 on page 544 describes what conditions are required for more than one local location (journal) to be allowed.

The above correlates with the InfoCenter doc link provided earlier by Charles [reinserted here with the drill-down path included]:
IBM i 7.1 Information Center -> Systems management -> Journal management -> Local journal management -> Planning for journal management -> Planning setup for journals
_Object assignment to journals_

Regards, Chuck

On 21-Feb-2014 12:27 -0800, Gord Hutchinson wrote:
Is this a recent change? I was always under the impression that you
could only use one journal in a commitment definition.

On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Charles Wilt wrote:

I must admit, I also thought there was an issue with using
multiple journals in the same transaction...

But I see only a recommendation:

- To simplify recovery, assign objects that are used together
in the same application to the same journal.

Along with a confirmation of what you indicated

- Files opened under the same commitment definition within a
job can be journaled to different journals. In commitment
control, each journal is considered a local location.

<http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/iseries/v7r1m0/topic/rzaki/rzakiobjassnjrn.htm >

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