On 20-Feb-2014 13:30 -0800, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
So, if I journal ARLIB/TABLE1 to receiver X
and journal CRMLIB/TABLE3 to receiver Y
Then commit and rollback continue to work fine?

Yes. Although the original thought was about keeping the files in the same library as their journal [and receivers], thus to be more coplete: journal ARLIB/TABLE1 to ARLIB/X and journal CRMLIB/TABLE3 to CRMLIB/Y. The CmtCtl functions fine for a transaction logged across multiple journals. That does not mean to imply however, that doing so is necessarily desirable; surely for memory\performance, the separate journals could tend to be more burdensome than using just one.

Maybe I'm thinking something else. Like referential integrity between
the two.

Use of the same journal for RI is a restriction... so is not germane, with regard to preferences in naming\location.

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