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<<SNIP>> Wouldn't DSPCMDDFT be a good thing to have so you know what
defaults have been changed... like WRKSYSVAL?

Easily accomplished. Whenever Change Command Default (CHGCMDDFT) is used to perform a system customization, record that customization. Then whenever a list of customizations needs to be viewed, present the list of customizations that was maintained as part of the System Change Management.

As I had suggested in a past discussion, if an indication of the default change from the original shipped-default is required [if for example one refuses to implement system change-management], then a DCR to request the capability be added to the Command Definition object support and the retrieve command API, because currently the ability seems not to exist per:
_Retrieve Command Definition (QCDRCMDD) API_
The Retrieve Command Definition (QCDRCMDD) API retrieves information from a CL command (*CMD) object and generates XML (Extensible Markup Language) source statements which describe the command. The generated command information XML source is called Command Definition Markup Language or CDML. The CDML source can be stored in either a receiver variable or a stream file, depending on the destination format name specified.
If the default value for an optional command parameter has been changed using the Change Command Default (CHGCMDDFT) command, the returned command information will reflect the default currently in effect rather than the default specified when the command was created.

However given that customizations typically would be re-applied after any release upgrade or after applying maintenance that might have /lost/ those customizations, IMNSHO establishing proper system change management that allows one to easily view the customizations [e.g. as a script, which could be queried] seems the easiest means to effect that.

Otherwise... obtaining\retrieving that information from the *CMD objects of a freshly scratch-installed system to the same release [and updates obtained from the new or refreshed object with the delivery of a PTFed command], could be used as a basis for a comparison; e.g. a feature\utility such as diff or CMPPFM could be used to show what has changed from the same XML information retrieved for the current version of the /same/ command definition object.

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