As Chuck mentions, there is the QCDRCMDD - Retrieve Command Description - API. This can give you either an XML file or a variable with XML of the various "elements" in the source used to create the command.

And it does give the default as it is - not as delivered or not as the source may specify.

Now if you are talking about IBM commands, you COULD use a roundabout way to get to the default of the original - get the help text, which always shows the original default as an underlined value.

I dug around, and there is an API - Retrieve Help Text (QUHRHLPT) API - this puts out an XML with what the help looks like - it might give you whether something is a default and would not be affected by CHGCMDDFT.

I also see there is a Java class (CommandHelpRetriever) that can be called in QShell - it uses these 2 APIs, apparently - and it's from IBM.


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How is that done? Wouldn't dspcmddft be a good thing to have so you know what dft's have been wrksysval?

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It is possible to list all IBM commands that have had CHGCMDDFT ran on

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