On 28-Feb-2014 07:56 -0800, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I'm suspecting it's more of a record selection, or grouping they
want. Hence their lack of concern about the day of the month.

Agreed that is probable, but they put forth no such implication. I offered a reply in response to what they had posited. And my recommendation for sorting stands, irrespective of any other presumed needs; i.e. sorting on the column, that apparently already is defined conducive for that operation, rather than an order by a\the expression.

However they were and are certainly welcome to share the relevant information for the scenario, instead of offering either half-baked or faux explanations of apparent intent; I doubt anyone has actual prescience or a crystal ball to divine their actual intentions. There is little to gain from being coy or deceptive, being the source, who is asking of others for their assistance.

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