On 13-Feb-2014 15:06 -0800, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
<<SNIP>> PRTF identifiers could be the same, but the PRTF have
different attributes.

I just did some tests.
1) CRTDUPOBJ of prtf creates a new file level identifier.
2) Restore of a prtf from a different system keeps the same file
level identifier.
3) Changing the attribute of a prtf does NOT change the file level

I'm not seeing a solution.

To compare the creation attributes of the Printer File (PRTF) most thoroughly, there is:
_Retrieve Printer File Attributes (QDFRPRTA) API_
"... Use the Retrieve Printer File Attributes (QDFRPRTA) API to get specific information about the attributes used to create a printer file. ..."

Some level of detail is available from the Display File Description (DSPFD) and Display File Field Descriptions (DSPFFD) commands. Or use an API corresponding to what [sub]type of information either of those commands provide. For a list of fields for example, the DSPFFD OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) or the QUSLFLD API. For a number of the creation attributes for example, the DSPFD TYPE(*ATR) FILEATR(*PRTF) OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) or the QDFRPRTA API. For a list of the formats, DSPFD TYPE(*RCDFMT) FILEATR(*PRTF) OUTPU(*OUTFILE) or the QUSLRCD API. Etc.

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