Is there something I should know about how to "actively keep it private"?
It would not be intentionally published.
-- Michael
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Well, that depends on whether you need to actively keep it private, but
generally speaking, if you're not going to publish the web service,
then there's even less reason to prefer SOAP over REST: SOAP's biggest
strength is that it's highly standardized, and its biggest weakness is
that if you have to parse or construct it yourself, without benefit of
canned tools, it's a pain in the butt to deal with.

(That's not to say that some RESTful web services aren't also a pain in
various portions of the anatomy, if you have to build your own tools to
access them, but if you're in control of both sides of the
conversation, REST gives you the freedom to design it strictly to fit
your own needs, without having to bother with complex XML message

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