Objects. not scripts.

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Follow the instructions given and restore it to your system. It was created
under V5R2. All versions of CPF - OS/400 - i/OS - IBM i are forward

Well, if you're saying that old CL *syntax* always works in newer i
operating systems, I'd say that's probably true. If you're saying
that all CL programs work the same in newer i systems as they do in
older i systems, that's patently false. If you use your CLP to
actually run commands or call programs (which strikes me as the point
of CL), then you can definitely run into incompatibilities (because of
those other commands and programs).

In other words:
With this "antiquated" IBM midrange operating system [AFAIK, unlike ANY
OTHER COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEM (take that, Joel Stone)], objects created on
a down-level version can ALWAYS be restored and executed on the current

Why do you need to put this in here? If someone takes this out of
context, they may think you mean literally ANY object (not just CLP),
and that opens up a whole slew of stuff that used to run fine on older
systems but either runs differently or not at all on newer systems.

Now, from the point of view of someone from other systems, it seems
pretty ridiculous that so-called "command-line scripts" (which is how
most people use CLPs) even have to be saved and restored. Shell
scripts and batch files in other operating systems are (1) at least as
forward-compatible as CLPs in the i world, and (2) are just text, so
there's no special "save" and "restore"; just copy the source (which
*is* the program) to the new system and you're good to go.


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