Ok, let me qualify my original statement:

I was not speaking of vendor-supplied programs which have had observability or program creation information removed. Most likely the IBM utility to which "John Matthew" referred did not.

One of IBM's oft-stated principles for the System/38 - AS/400 - iSeries - System i - IBM i family has been "...we will protect YOUR investment in software."

Properly designed user-created objects of all types which were created on earlier versions of the OS [and which have NOT had observability or program creation information removed from them] can usually be restored and executed on any newer version of the OS, and in almost all cases, there is no need to recompile the source.

Is that better?



"John Yeung" wrote in message news:mailman.8134.1379356337.9013.midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx...

On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 8:57 AM, Mark Murphy/STAR BASE Consulting Inc.
<mmurphy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The things that would cause a CLP to run differently, for example
exporting a spool file into a PF and parsing it, will also cause the
script to fail. [...] There is nothing magic about scripting languages
that makes them more fail-proof.

I never asserted that (interpreted) scripting languages are more
fail-proof than CLPs. I was merely saying that the following is both
untrue and antagonistic:

On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 7:23 PM, TheBorg <sjl_abc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In other words:
With this "antiquated" IBM midrange operating system [AFAIK, unlike
Stone)], objects created on a down-level version can ALWAYS be
restored and executed on the current version.

My response boils down to

(1) sjl's assertion is untrue, because objects created on a down-level
version can *not* always be restored and executed on the current
version. (The company I work for has dragged its feet on upgrading
from V5R4 until now precisely because we have plenty of objects that
won't work on V6R1.)

(2) If he's specifically talking only about CLPs (this interpretation
is based on other context) and using version compatibility of compiled
CLPs as an argument for the i's superiority over other platforms, then
my response is: Folks on other platforms don't have anything that
really corresponds to "restoring a CLP object", because anything that
i folks use CLPs for, those on other platforms would use shell
scripts. By analogy:

sjl: Tim Duncan is superior to Michael Phelps because Phelps hasn't
won any NBA championships. (Take THAT Duncan-haters!)

Swimming fans: Um, we don't really care about the NBA. (And who's Tim Duncan?)


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