On 2/13/2013 4:39 PM, Bakutis, Becky wrote:
We are going to start using SSD drives on a few systems in the near future. I did research the TRCASPBAL& STRASPBAL commands and was prepared to use them for data placement. My boss heard from a vendor that just loading SSD drives without worrying about 'hot data' will provide performance benefits also. Is this a true statement? Or will there be more bang for the buck to place the 'hot data' on these drives? I believe the plan for these systems was to replace all HDD drives with SSD drives. Thanks for pointing to your presentations.

I have to say the more work you put into placing data on SSDs, the more bang for your buck.

Least amount of work, least benefit is to simply add to the ASP and use. Disk response time will decrease by some amount.

Next in the work/benefit category would be to use the approach of TRCASPBAL followed by STRASPBAL.

Third, is to use CHGLF to place most, if not all, of your logical files onto SSD. Most applications use LFs to access the data, and this can speed processing significantly while not requiring lots of space.

Finally, the most work, and most benefit, is to perform analysis to determine which specific DB objects cause waits for the application and to relocate those specific DB objects.

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