I've found you have to be careful with doing the TRCASPBAL and the
STRASPBAL. Let's say management says "I don't care what the system says
is hot. I want this particular process to run faster. You come up with
the solution and I'll write the check." So you say we can move the files
in that process to SSD's by using CHGPF... UNIT(*SSD). Then you run

If you go and run the TRCASPBAL and the STRASPBAL TYPE(*USAGE) that file
may now be moved to slower disks. And you can go ahead and do a DSPFD and
see that it prefers *SSD but that command won't tell you if it's really
there. Apparently that's reserved for wizards of STRSST and

If you just got to guarantee that the table stays on SSD I think you have
to do put the SSD's into their own ASP. I just have a problem carving my
system up like that.

Submit a DCR that *USAGE respects CHGPF... UNIT(*SSD)
I just added COMMON requirement 257 "Have STRASPBAL TYPE(*USAGE) respect
CHGPF UNIT(*SSD) ". Please rate it at the site:

Rob Berendt

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