Pete, do you have the time to explain a bit more about how the virtual conference works? Or, even better, is there a link that talks about it and includes pictures? (I like pictures.)

I did go to the link you provided in the first post in this thread, and came away confused. For instance, is the conference two-way? Are there tracks (ie, I program; applying PTFs is of no relevance to me.)

Also, if you respond, please list any links that you believe are appropriate?

btw, Thank you for all you do for this platform, Pete.

btw btw, for those who are concerned someone may try to sell you something, please remember, sales people are the ones who keep us up to date, keep us informed, and provide us with our jobs (if they don't sell the computers then employers won't need any of us) so cut them a little slack. Their work is important to our well-being.

As my daddy used to tell me, "when you walk in some place and someone says 'uh oh, here comes a salesman' prove them right. Sell them something."

On 1/7/2013 2:59 PM, Pete Massiello - ML wrote:
Remember, just like individuals who have to invest in their future by going to conferences, taking courses, reading books, attending webinars, reading Midrange-L, going to their local user groups; companies like COMMON need to invest in their future as well.

That is why the various mix of new products to meet everyone's needs. COMMON isn't giving up on its in-person conferences, but is appealing to a market segment that might like virtual conferences, might find that virtual conferences are easier for their budgets, or whatever reason.

Its good to educate the community, because when everyone knows and understands the capabilities of this platform, the platform's market will continue to grow. You know the saying, when the tide comes in, all boats rise.

These are my opinions, and not those of COMMON.


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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Actually there are a ton of sponsors for this so I'm pretty sure COMMON's expenses (and then some) are more than adequately covered.

Rob Berendt

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