I agree with Pete here. Once MF PTFs (meaning the LIC) get into a situation where you're trying one thing after another to satisfy PRE and CO Reqs the best thing is to slip in a fresh LIC and then PTF up from there to current. I have never had this process fail so while it takes a bit of time it's a solid path to recovery.

- DrFranken

On 12/24/2012 10:10 AM, Pete Massiello - ML wrote:
That would certainly get his 5770-999 correct, but he would still probably be behind on his OS and the rest of the LPP's PTFs. It's certainly a good option for the more experienced people, but if someone isn't used to doing a slip of the lic or upgrades, I wouldn't push them in that direction. I bet it would be quicker than all the time it has taken him, and we always recommend when doing a OS upgrade from one release to another to use the latest I_BASE_01 respin/resave so as to have as many upto date 57xx-999 PTFs as possible installed at upgrade time.

I had a customer at V5R4 recently who hadn't put PTF's on since the day they installed the OS (6 years back), and I actually did just this and slipped the LIC to V5R4M5 (with latest respin), and it was probably quicker to do than put 6 years of PTFs in at once. Of course, I still had to put the latest Cumulative and Groups on afterwards, but I think it was faster, so you have an excellent idea.


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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