That will work, but I also am a bit puzzled about how the system got into the state it's in. I just did what was described by Tom over the weekend without any real issues other than complete absolute boredom waiting for IPLs to complete. Pete's right about the special handing PTFs but even if you ignore them, it just takes an extra IPL or two to catch up.

Tom, Keep us posted, I'd love to know if there is a root cause we need to be aware of.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 12/24/2012 5:46 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

What did you think of the idea of slipping the lic with the latest refresh
and then reapplying cume/groups to fix Tom's issue?

Rob Berendt
-- IBM Certified System Administrator - IBM i 6.1 Group Dekko Dept 1600 Mail to: 2505 Dekko Drive Garrett, IN 46738 Ship to: Dock 108 6928N 400E Kendallville, IN 46755 From: Pete Massiello - ML <pmassiello-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx> To: Midrange Systems Technical Discussion <midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Date: 12/23/2012 08:38 AM Subject: RE: installing ptf cume packages via *SERVICE/SAVF Sent by: midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx Tom, I don't really understand what is happening without seeing your system, but PTFs are very simple. We do PTFs for over a 120 customers a year (2, 3 or 4 times a year depending on their environment & needs), and it is very simple. 1) Perm apply every PTF that is currently out there (So you can boot off of A if needed, if a bad MF PTF is applied). 2) We have a set of Image Catalogues that we bring with us containing the latest cumulative, and about 8 different Group PTFs. 3) Make sure if there are "special" PTFs required beforehand, that those are applied. 4) Load the PTFs from the image catalogue, and let them apply at the next IPL 5) Schedule an IPL, afterwards go PTF option 12, everything should be installed. Not sure how your system got so screwed up. Going from TR1 to TR5 is certainly do able, but I believe it will require 2 or 3 IPLs, because you probably don't have the PTF that eliminates second IPL when applying the TR marker PTF permanently and then continues to apply the rest of the PTFs during the later part of the IPL process (assuming of course you are using Image Catalogues). There are a few PTFs that are required for both 6.1 & 7.1 PTF processing, and you should have those on first before doing any PTF work. Of course, if you read the cover letter that comes with the cumulative for either release you would know this. The biggest issue that I see with PTFs is people don't read the instructions to see if they have the pre-reqs loaded, or they try to load a cumulative PTF package with immediate, and there are always so many preconditions that you don't get everything applied until the next IPL anyway. Pete -- Pete Massiello iTech Solutions -----Original Message----- From: midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx [ mailto:midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Thomas Garvey Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 3:06 PM To: 'Midrange Systems Technical Discussion' Subject: RE: installing ptf cume packages via *SERVICE/SAVF There is the UPDPTFINF command that is needed when loading and applying ptf's from *SERVICE but it does NOT review to ensure all the needed PTF's are available as save files. I have been working with IBM trying to get my system updated for two weeks now and it's a ridiculous nightmare of loading, applying, failure due to missing PTF's, downloading, loading, applying, repeat... The downloads are continually failing as well. Granted, we are trying to update from TR1 all the way to TR5 but I am so frustrated now that I have asked them to send the physical media for each TR and the concurrent cume and I will do them one at a time. Tom Garvey -----Original Message----- From: midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Jack Kingsley Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 11:21 AM To: Midrange Systems Technical Discussion Subject: Re: installing ptf cume packages via *SERVICE/SAVF If you have downloaded many savf ptf's is there a command that would do a ptf verification that you have all needed savf's prior to doing the new installation. On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 12:05 PM, CRPence <CRPbottle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 21 Dec 2012 10:14, Roberto José Etcheverry Romero wrote:
> > I still have to find out how to safely remove the savfs from QGPL
> For PTF Save Files stored in *SERVICE [either via CPYPTF or PTFs
> that were sent\ordered from the service support system]:
> IBM i 7.1 Information Center -> IBM i and related software ->
> Maintaining and managing IBM i and related software -> Using software
> fixes -> Fixes concepts and terms_i Fix save files i_
> am8fixsavefile.htm "... PTF save files and cover letters into *SERVICE
> ...
> ...
> Consider deleting your save files after the fix has been permanently
> applied, the system has been saved (SAVSYS), and you no longer want to
> distribute the save file to another system. Use the Delete PTF
> (DLTPTF) command or the Management Central cleanup function. For
> instructions, see_Cleaning up fixes_ <ed: below> ..."
> _i Cleaning up fixes i_
> am8fixcleanup1.htm
> "...
> Deleting save files with the DLTPTF command
> From the character-based interface, use the Delete Program Temporary
> Fix (DLTPTF) command to delete PTF save files and cover letters. Do
> not use the Delete File (DLTF) command to delete PTF save files. If
> you use the DLTF command, the PTF function will not detect that you
> deleted the save file.
> Note: Fix save files and cover letters for a previous release are
> removed during automatic cleanup if system logs are specified.
> ..."
> --
> Regards, Chuck
> --

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