Sorry for the confusion. I unzipped the and have a plain MS03 on my pc. I'm suppossed to ftp that to a savf on the i so I can then restore lib MS03 from that savf. But, that's where the ftp msg comes in which prevents me from ftp'ing the file to the savf.

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You confuse me.
irst you tell me you're trying to ftp
hen you tell me you're doing this: put MS03
hich is it? Or are you doing a hybrid of: put MS03?
Hopefully, if you unzipped you would see a plain MS03 in
here. That should be able to ftp up.

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i Folks, maybe you experts can gimme some quick info. When I try to ftp
he dreaded file from my pc to a savf on my iSeries I'm
etting these msg's;
etout :Software caused connection abort
26-Cannot write to member MS03 in file MS03 in lib QGPL (I've cd'd to
GPL-savf MS03 in QGPL)
26 data transfer ended

'm an allobj user and I can transfer the file to a PF but not to a savf.

hanks, Frank

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