Well, I think I should be drinking while I'm doing this...I never used .savf. Thanks for your help folks, I ftp'd successfully. Now onto the MQ upgrade. Have any of you folks upgraded from V6 to V7 and if yes, how was the upgrade? Any issues to speak of?
Thanks, Frank

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I, too, normally use the root file naming system for ftping save files.
Nice hint on the joblog stuff.

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Best to review the joblog for the error that precipitates the FTP426
o see what the OS Data Management says is the problem origin; i.e. why
he Write to the file was prohibited. Two very common causes are "not
alid save file data" are "file, user profile, or system storage limit
xceeded". I typically issue the following FTP requests to get that
oblog, after which I use WRKSPLF at the server to find the output:
quote rcmd ovrprtf *prtf splfown(*curusrprf) ovrscope(*JOB)
quote rcmd dspjoblog output(*print)
When using the system\native Naming Format for FTP, a Save File must
e pre-created, into which _non-zipped_ Save File Data can be PUT using
inary\Image transport. The better option than the document describes,
s to use the root file system naming [vs Libr/FileName naming], both
emoving ambiguity [no accidental PF as target] and enabling the FTP
erver to implicitly create the Save File as target of the PUT. Either
nable the Name Format with the NAMEFMT subcommand, or implicitly by CD
nder root:
cd /qsys.lib/qgpl.lib
put MS03_iseries.unzipped MS03.SAVF
Or without the CD, just:
quote site namefmt 1
put MS03_iseries.unzipped /qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/MS03.SAVF

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