Yeah, the request exit seems to be called AFTER the requested file name is resolved - it gives you the full path - if the file doesn't exist, the path is blank.

I think it'd be useful if the exit reported the actual incoming command string, especially for logging purposes. The most that can be logged now, easily, in this scenario is that a request came in from a certain IP address related to an object that doesn't exist. Maybe that's enough information, since it doesn't have much of a direct impact on anything.


On 10/22/2012 9:11 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Yes, logging is a reasonable activity. However you can't log whether or
not the ftp server told the client that the file existed or not. You
would have to manually check the existence before turning the ftp request
over to the ftp server. What I am saying is that logging would NOT be
affected by the lack of the file. UNLESS your code said: If I don't want
them to get this file (based on any rule I come up with) then I won't
write this log entry out.

Rob Berendt

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