This does not compute. IBM wrote their FTP server exit points for the
purpose of authorization checks. It should hit your program BEFORE the
command executes. Oh, how I wish I had the capability to do it AFTER
also. This would help for cases when someone sends a large file and I
want to process it as soon as it is done. Yes, I know of a few
workarounds so let's not go down that road.
But basically I fail to see how it only notifies you of the successful
gets and not the unsuccessful gets.
I wrote my own exit point.

I am converting over to GoAnywhere by Linoma. I am doing this for a
number of reasons.
1-SFTP without having to figure out how to do the PASE stuff.
2-Someone who understands how to register users for FTP other than just
myself. Yes, it's documented but still convoluted.
3-AFTER action is supported.
Only drawback (other than financial) is they currently don't support a
separate upload directory from the download directory. I like this to
prevent your site from being hijacked as a store and forward.

Rob Berendt

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