Everybody refers to navigator options that I do not have.

I think I will reinstall Client Access and hopefully have the options
through navigator as discussed. I just remember that in the past I was able
to get to the IFS through Windows Explorer. It may be that the navigator
components for IFS are a prerequisite.

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Hi Glen,

The ADDLNK command doesn't create directories, it creates links. Yo
ucould potentially have a directory in another location, and make a link
to it from /home/GLEN using ADDLNK. Is that what you mean?

Others have already explained how to export a share using NetServer, so
I won't delve into that part of your question.

But, I want to make sure you didn't create a link by accident when you
really meant to create a subdirectory. That could be a real nightmare
later on, if done by mistake.

On 10/17/2012 12:50 PM, Glen Egginton wrote:

Using ADDLNK command, I have created a sub-folder GLEN under folder /home.
This can be verified using WRKLNK.

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