To the IBM i instance it looks like a 3584 tape library, therefore you can do anything similar to a Fibre attached tape library.

Yes it works great with BRMS, it's one of the few VTLs out there that is tested by IBM.

Since it's Fibre attached, you will have to IPL from a DVD, but then you can pick the restore device and go from there, so, sort of.......

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 10/10/2012 2:52 PM, Jack Kingsley wrote:
I had not heard of this one, this one looks pretty nice.
Does it work with BMRS??
Make sure it supports ALT-IPL.

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 3:47 PM, Hart, Doug - EI<Doug.Hart@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Has anyone heard anything about this device? It sits on the host fiber
> and looks like a tape library then passes the save out to SAN.
> Can you really do "bare metal restores" (D IPL) from it?
> Storage Director for the IBM i and Power Systems Environments
> * Significantly reduces IBM i backup windows
> * Increases data reliability of Backup and Restore
> * Runs under all na7ve applica7ons (BRMS, MMS, Savlib) and u7li7es running
> physical tape
> * Requires no changes to exis7ng backup procedures
> * Supports iOS V5R3 to V7R1 and VIOS, Linux, AIX
> * Connects to the IBM i via standard internal Fibre Channel cards
> * Seen by the IBM i as an actual IBM 3584 Tape Library with any version
> LTO tape drive
> * Auto‐configures as na7ve IBM technology to the IBM i, allowing Storage
> Director
> to func7on exactly as an IBM 3584 would, including bare metal restore on
> an IBM i
> * High‐performance backup and restore (over 1.4 GB/sec)
> * Supports mul7ple LPARS and data streams
> * Supports any physical tape library technology: IBM, Quantum, Oracle/STK,
> HP, etc.
> * Writes physical tape in IBM i na7ve format (restore without Storage
> Director)
> * Achieves data compression rates in cache of 4X to 15X (hardware
> compression)
> * Allows akachment of newer technologies to the IBM i, such as LTO5 and
> deduplicaton
> * Data at rest can be AES 256 Encrypton capable and compliant (cache
> policy)
> * Enhanced WAN replicaton capability to electronically move data to remote
> locatons, either to
> another Storage Director or to a remotely managed physical tape library
> More here:
> Good links at the bottom of the very long page.
> --
> I love this stuff. Today my 't's are coming out '7's.

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