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The question of if the development partition should be in an HA environment is answered somewhat easily with two questions:

1) How much actual development is going on, and how long would it take to replace in flight development projects
2) What is your standard cost of the development team? (total of salary+benefits / 2080 = std cost/hr for the team. Remember to add in all the management and system admin as well)

cost to recover is: # of hours required to recreate lost development * std cost

Now if the cost of the lost development is less than the cost of HA for that partition, don't do it. However if the cost of the development is higher by a reasonable amount, you have your cost justification.

Remember to add in the cost of any consultants work that might be going on as well.

John's point about bandwidth is a good one, but an asynchronous replication can cut that down quite a bit. Plus, don't replicate libraries where things can be recreated easily. Replicate source, configurations etc.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 10/3/2012 9:06 AM, Voris, John wrote:
One factor to be aware of with HA for Development areas running MIMIX. .
. . (you have probably thought about it, but let's point it out to

There are a lot more file refreshes (Copy-Files and Restores) happening
in the Development area. So the bandwidth for pushing the mirrored data
out to the HA box is different.
There are more blocks of time with huge data streams being pushed, and
less so granular transactions like you would see from production.
So among your choices in managing this is turning off Mimix when doing
file refreshes for developers.


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