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Unless a disconnected
job still has TCP/IP activity that allows the IP address to be

Larry is correct about when the DHCP lease renewal is supposed to take

Whether there is a connection active or not is irrelevant to the lease
renewal process. As long as the client has a network connection, it
should request the lease renewal at the half-way point.

If the client doesn't have a network connection that point:
1. It will retry the lease renewal periodically.
2. There obviously won't be a functional 5250 session.

If the client is running and on the network, and the DHCP server is
running and on the network, and the existing IP address is still one
which the DHCP server can assign, then the only thing that comes to
mind that might hinder the lease renewal without impacting the 5250
session is if something (such as firewall software on the client) is
blocking the DHCP packets.

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