Development and Test hit the same data library but have different program
Development and Test are on our Development lpar.
Production are on it's own lpar.
We are using a CMS (Change Management System). The system we use is MKS.

Let's say you have a program called ABC123. You check it out. It copies
the source from the library PKGUSRSRC (for example) to ROB. And the
object from PKGUSROBJ to ROB. You edit and compile. Then you promote it
to test. This moves the source to PKGUSROBJT and the object to
PKGUSROBJT. You test it. Then you promote it. It moves the source to
PKGUSRSRC and the object to PKGUSROBJ. And also sends just the object
over to our production lpar. How often you are allowed to promote is
limited by the speed of the machine, and, by any conflicts. For example a
data entry screen constantly in use may be a little harder to work around
than a nightly batch program.

You can configure this to your shop standards.

I don't see this as any drag on productivity. You really get used to the

Rob Berendt

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