Answering for my own installation as well as most of my customers:
1) about 50/50. Those that have test/dev in one LPAR and production in another are getting ready to split it up into Development/ Production Testing/ Full production. Most are using hosted partitions for the Production(Integration test) to avoid hardware implications.

2) Almost always, split by LPAR. Many are considering a hosted LPAR for each developer as well.

3) Most of my customers do it weekly, usually on Thursday, the balance on Saturday.

4) Depends on change management, but usually not. It takes two promotions in a DEV/TEST/PROD environment to move to production except for the emergency moves, which can be pushed directly to production from DEV. You want to maintain that ability for the 00:dark30 fixes.....

5) I have seen the test partition catch errors that a dev partition will not because the data is more relevant to the applications.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 9/18/2012 1:57 PM, Stone, Joel wrote:
My company is considering separating dev from test.

For this survey: DEV is where programmers play; TEST is where business analysts and users try out new stuff, PROD is where the money is made.

Please respond only if NOT a software vendor - Im sure rules are much different when there are thousands of installs involved at a software vendor.

I would like to inquire how other iseries shops are handling this.

1) Is dev/test/prod on same LPAR?

2) Is dev/test/prod on same box?

3) How frequently are promotions from dev to test allowed?

a. No restrictions

b. Daily

c. Weekly

d. Other

4) Does separating DEV from TEST require more time& effort for a given development project?

5) What would be some reasons why this is a good idea (besides the auditors told us to)?


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