Does anyone know if the timestamp in a journal record is guaranteed to be unique? We've got really fast processors these days.

If they are not, then timestamp + journal seq number would be unique. That should cover the issue of the journal seq being reset when the receiver is changed since it seems likely that a receiver change will take more that a microsecond, or millisecond or whatever the smallest resolution of the timestamp is.

Where do you keep track of the last values? Data areas are fast. I don't like sub-stringing them either and probably would opt for two, one for the timestamp and one for the seq number.

But you can't read data areas directly in SQL. A keyed file with a key, a timestamp and a journal seq number would be easy to use. And you can purge it with a very simple SQL statement; no reorg needed if you set it to REUSEDLT(*YES). For bonus points use commitment control on either the data area approach of the file approach.


On 9/5/2012 5:26 PM, Stone, Joel wrote:
So aren't I better off using a date/time window?

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