Collections are used to replicate all our app files onto Wintel for a myAccount web app.

I started using triggers, but those have all sorts of gotchas that are really nasty (must get exclusive use of file to start trigger, same for stopping, must make control pgm to get around, difficult to mod pgms cause users are in file, etc).

I always figure there are those smarter than me that have beaten the blazing trails, and all the commercial replication s/w seem to use journals as opposed to triggers. So I am copycatting them :).

I figure the ultimate goal is to get the data onto Wintel so the company can move off the iseries one day without having to hire an army of COBOL/CL/DDS gurus to interpret what is in place now.

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Ok. I understand better.

What are you doing with these collections?
Why not use a trigger to record the changes of the customer master file
instead of farming from the journal? I give you credit though, there's
still far too few who journal their data.

Rob Berendt

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