Say again?

First, my email was two parts:
Part one was how to see when a receiver changed. Basically an alternative
to DSPJRN to an outfile.
Part two was a method to trap exactly when that receiver changed.

You gave a sample of
**** from **** ***** to *****
date time date time
20120905 094621 20120905 094658
20120904 050000 20120905 094621
20120903 010000 20120904 050000

What is this about your job running every 5 minutes? What job does it run
every 5 minutes? The DSPJRN to the outfile? Why do you need to record
the intervals you run DSPJRN to an outfile? I thought you were interested
in the attach date/time and the detach date/time. Not how often you
tracked this.
Why have a never ending job that checks every 5 minutes for a journal
receiver change when you can use an exit point to record when a journal
receiver is detached? Why waste the cycles on your machine? Why have
concerns about the never ending program cancelling out or failing when you
could just use the exit point?

Now, what are you going to do with this log of attach and detach times?
In theory it would be quite easy for your backup processes to do a:

to list all journal receivers that are detached but have not been saved
SAVOBJ the detached, unsaved receivers.
DLTJRNRCV the now detached, saved receivers.

Rob Berendt

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