Too many examples on the list of late have used proprietary internal
frameworks and frankly that's not showing anybody anything.

Do you have access to the Runtime EGL objects source? - no. It is as
proprietary as my RPG-XML Suite. I can now see that you intended to play
this card from the get-go because few languages (including RPG) give you
that portion of the framework out of the box.

How about let's compare features of what a language can accomplish, eh?

I can write an MRP generation in one line: generateMRP(). Does that
actually provide any meaningful information? No.

This statement silly to the debate we are having. Of course anybody could
do the generateMRP() code. What we are looking for are the details of
consuming web services as it relates to adding data to an XML request, doing
an HTTP POST to a remote server, receiving the XML response back, and
parsing that response into native data types of the language at hand.

Do you want to proceed? I have matched your first example.

Aaron Bartell

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