Aaron Bartell wrote:
So, while you can probably technically get away the argument that you don't
need a WSDL for a web service, at that point you can't justify SOAP and XML,
because the extra overhead serves no purpose. At that point, JSON/REST is
by far the better protocol.

I would agree with that for how you are probably doing web services, which
is from the browser to the server and vice versa. But JSON/REST doesn't
hold a lot of water in the more traditional web service space where you
don't have blackbox control over each end of the spectrum but are instead
communicating with a business partner. Then the popularity of HTTP/XML/XSD
shines through (whether we like it or not) and is a VERY common method of
communication. For the record I think WSDL's are an excellent idea that has
been plagued with complexities of "exception programming" vs. making them
easy to use.
Are you agreeing with me? I said that WSDL is used when you need standardization (that would be the traditional web service space), and JSON/REST is good when you don't need standardization. I'm not sure, but yes indeed you might actually be agreeing with me...

That really only is part of what I asked. I wanted to know *how* EGL does
it specifically because many people will be confronted with needing to do
it. If you don't have time to put together a sample that is fine, just say
"If you don't have time ... just say so". Do you have any idea how annoying statements like that are? I have the time, I just have a hard time trying to justify giving you yet another EGL tutorial when you can't be bothered to figure it out yourself. You haven't even bothered to answer the basics: is this an XML/SOAP request? JSON/REST? What?

Anyway, here's one way to read an HTML page using a simple REST connection and parse out all the TDs:

Runtime.invokeREST (url, callBack);

In the callBack function, you code this:

agenda HTML {};
agenda.text = Runtime.responseText;
tds DOMElement[] = agenda.getDOMElement().getElementsByTagName("td");

It simply doesn't get any easier than this. Can we see the equivalent code you use in... well, in any language?


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