Well, I heard from IBM concerning our new TS3310 Tape Mini-Monster. Interesting conversation!

First was an overview on what AutoConfig actually does-- When you plug in new hardware, the hardware monitor that "SST" uses notices the changes, and adds the hardware to the list of physically attached hardware that SST (and DST) keeps track of. If AutoConfig is turned on, it creates a *DEVD object that OS/400 can use. And the names may be changed to protect... And that's why you can have a tape device known as TAP02, yet the -resource- that it uses is TAP99. I know it works this way to communication lines (MYLINE uses resource CMN45).

So, AutoConfig can only create a device if AutoConfig is turned on -before- the new hardware is added! You can go into the settings in SST and find the hardware, then create devices from there (to do the job Auto Config didn't have a chance to do).

Next was an exploration of the hardware that SST knew about. I think it was GO HARDWARE / Option 3 that lets you see things as SST knows them. The hardware was there-- AutoConfig was confused.

And we confused AutoConfig in several ways-- first, we only have 1 set of 5704 adapter cards. And we're switching the fiber cables between the old and new drives. Cable Switching results in multiple devices configured in SST for a single adapter. This -may- work, it may not. I was cautioned to make sure the devices attached were varied off before switching. During an IPl, SST will clean up any devices not found (or mark them "unfound"). So the multiple devices are only permanent until the next IPL.

Then we had some definition issues with the tape library itself-- the physical library can be split into multiple logical libraries (LPAR??). Tape drives are assigned to the logical libraries. The Library Map shows a nice picture of the physical layout, and identifies which drives are assigned to the libraries. We had ours all out of whack. Changing the cables on the drives confused things because SST recognized the new serial numbers and was confused. I'm not sure if AutoConfig was on to pay attention or not...

So at this point things are pretty well straightened out hardware-wise-- at least I know where to check if the hardware seems to disappear!

--Paul E Musselman

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