So, your paging software is out of date and you don't want to modernize it?
What are you using pagers for if you have an iPhone? Where is your email
interface? Where is your IVR system to call you and speak the problem?

And.... Why can you not access your system through a browser interface - you
have one on your iPhone? Why do you need 5250 to see all the information to
make a decision about the system?

On 7/25/08 10:28 AM, "David Gibbs" <david@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Trevor Perry wrote:
My point is, using a 5250 interface on an iPhone is akin to
using your chain saw to cut a piece of paper.

In either case, you ~can~, but why would you?

Let's see ... you're on call, you have to make sure month end gets done ...
you've taken your SO out for a nice dinner when you get a page indicating that
the month end processing has encountered an error. You don't have your laptop
with you, but you do have your iPhone. You excuse yourself for a minute, go
outside, login to the system, see the message is not critical, respond to the
message, and go back to a nice dinner.

Or, conversely, you get a page (on your text pager) indicating there is an
error ... no other details. You tell your SO that you have to go into the
office to attend to a problem. You take the SO home, they are pissed because
a nice dinner was disrupted, go into the office ... find out the error was
trivial ... and go back home (to sleep on the sofa).

A 5250 client on the iPhone isn't going to be the primary way to use the
system ... but it certainly can be useful.

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