Wow. I cannot see how you got to here from there!

Rob, I said nothing about GUI vs. text. There are plenty of text interfaces
on the planet, and they are a valid tool. A browser is often a text
interface. I said nothing about a command line interface. In fact, I have
remarked many times on the fact that Linux often requires a CLI to get it
going. I am a strong advocate for the right tool for the right job,
regardless of where my picture is seen.

<notsarcasm>My point is, using a 5250 interface on an iPhone is akin to
using your chain saw to cut a piece of paper.</notsarcasm>

In either case, you ~can~, but why would you?

On 7/25/08 9:56 AM, "rob@xxxxxxxxx" <rob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I use iNav regularly. However there are times when I find a command line
useful. MS recently released a server model that was command line based.
Many Unix dweebs scoff at some gui and prefer command line interface. I
screamed at IBM when they tried to drop the Application Development
portion of iNav to manage semaphores and shared memory. Their argument
was that unix dweebs argument. My argument was that Application
Development was often used by non programmers in Domino shops to slay
errant items. I won.

I have a circular saw, a reciprocating saw and a chain saw. However I
still use a hand saw on occasion. Best tool for the job. Or in some
cases, for a quick cut I don't want to hassle with the extension cords and

Did you know phones support text messaging? Can you believe that - actual
text?! When "a picture can support a thousand words" (or something like
that). And we still do that in Arabic letters versus ideographic
characters that are picture like in their representation (think Japanese
or Chinese).

Rob Berendt

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