Trevor Perry wrote:
My point is, using a 5250 interface on an iPhone is akin to
using your chain saw to cut a piece of paper.

In either case, you ~can~, but why would you?

Let's see ... you're on call, you have to make sure month end gets done ... you've taken your SO out for a nice dinner when you get a page indicating that the month end processing has encountered an error. You don't have your laptop with you, but you do have your iPhone. You excuse yourself for a minute, go outside, login to the system, see the message is not critical, respond to the message, and go back to a nice dinner.

Or, conversely, you get a page (on your text pager) indicating there is an error ... no other details. You tell your SO that you have to go into the office to attend to a problem. You take the SO home, they are pissed because a nice dinner was disrupted, go into the office ... find out the error was trivial ... and go back home (to sleep on the sofa).

A 5250 client on the iPhone isn't going to be the primary way to use the system ... but it certainly can be useful.


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