Talked to my business partner last night at our LUG.  He had a customer 
that bought an 8xx box with a three disk raid set.  Very minimal usage. 
Testing and development in WAS.  8 second response time.  Tried memory and 
everything else.  Added a fourth drive.  Dropped down to subsecond 
immediately.  "Leaves of three, let it be."

Rob Berendt
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Re: very low end i5 performance

Haven't actually run or seen one with a 3 disk RAID config.  Of course I'd 

much prefer 4 disks with the parity striping spread over 4 arms instead of 

the 2 arms a 3 disk config uses, but sometimes keeping cost down is very 
important (yes you're right - that RAID card add a chunk to the config - 
so another choice would be a 4 disk Mirrored config).  I can't imagine a 3 

disk RAID-5 config performing worse than a 2 disk Mirrored config.


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Re: very low end i5 performance

Neil - we had a prev posting approx week ago about 3 disk raid
setups that seemed to be a performance problem, any comment?
Raid card and addtl disk adds over 30% to cost of box.
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> Seems reasonably fast, but not really satisfied with disk performance -
> which as you may expect is a bit of a bottleneck.  Towards the end of an
> IPL especially the disk utilization is pegged at 100% for maybe 10
> minutes.  I woudl STRONGLY advise adding at least one additional disk 
> configuring for RAID-5, that way user data will be spread over 3 disk 
> instead of just one.
> Users seemed pretty happy with it (it wasn't that bad once the IPL
> completed in the background, but then they were coming from a model 200
> with 16MB of memory running V3R2).
> ...Neil
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> Subject
> very low end i5 performance
> Anyone care to comment on experiences
> with very low end i5 520
> Express Edition 1 w/500cpw,
> 1 gig memory
> 2 - 35 gig drives mirrored.
> twinax console
> 30 gb 1/4 in cartridge tape
> Would be running small office (10-20 users), webfaced rpg application,
> as well as Apache webserver.
> tia
> jim franz

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