Seems reasonably fast, but not really satisfied with disk performance - 
which as you may expect is a bit of a bottleneck.  Towards the end of an 
IPL especially the disk utilization is pegged at 100% for maybe 10 
minutes.  I woudl STRONGLY advise adding at least one additional disk and 
configuring for RAID-5, that way user data will be spread over 3 disk arms 
instead of just one.

Users seemed pretty happy with it (it wasn't that bad once the IPL 
completed in the background, but then they were coming from a model 200 
with 16MB of memory running V3R2).


"Jim Franz" <franz400@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx
2004/10/12 14:05


very low end i5 performance

Anyone care to comment on experiences
with very low end i5 520 
Express Edition 1 w/500cpw,
1 gig memory
2 - 35 gig drives mirrored.
twinax console
30 gb 1/4 in cartridge tape 
Would be running small office (10-20 users), webfaced rpg application, 
as well as Apache webserver.
jim franz

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